MOAB Oil, a Div. of Tullett Prebon Americas Corp
  • MOAB is the market leader in physical oil brokerage, market information and commentary.

  • Vision: To continue leading the energy markets while providing our clients with resources for efficient supply management.

  • Goal: To assist our client in dealing with constantly changing regulations and frequent industry transformations, critical to the success of their operations.

  • Experience: Many of our brokers have over 30 years of experience in the oil industry, providing an extensive knowledge base and insights for our clients.

Our Business

Gasoline & Blendstocks

We broker trades for RBOB, CBOB/PBOB, Eurograde Gasoline and Alkylates, Reformates, CAT Gas, TX (Toulene/Xylene Mixture) and Naptha Blendstocks.


We broker trades for Ethanol & Biodiesel . We also broker RINs which are required by EPA to ensure amount of renewable fuel in Gasoline.


We broker trades involving Heating/Fuel Oil, Low sulfur diesel (LSD), Ultra-low-sulfur diesel (ULSD), Light Cycle Oil, Jet Fuel, Jet A & A-1 and Kerosene.

Natural Gas

We broker Natural Gas Futures on NYMEX for pricing based on delivery at Henry Hub in Louisiana.

About MOAB

MOAB specializes in brokerage of physical and financial energy markets.

Our expertise includes physical gasoline, gasoline blending components, oil product swaps, ethanol, ethanol derivatives, natural gas financial derivatives, crude oil, distillates, weather and power.

We have maintained long-term relationships with major oil companies, gasoline blenders, oil trading divisions of investment banks, and smaller domestic trading firms. Utilizing proprietary models and the latest technology we provide our clients insights on trends, evolving regulations and trading economics affecting their markets every day.

MOAB was established in 2003 and is located in Norwalk, CT.